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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

K1EL Keyer

I just got a very pleasing dit dah dit from my new K1EL keyer. The board went together quickly. It is a very nice kit. Lots of capabilities in that little thing: beyond the normal keyer function, there is beacon capability. And QRSS! I plan to match mine up with my 10 meter beacon transmitter and my Volkswagen solar panels for a self-contained, solar powered beacon.
I may have to buy another one of these for use with my HW-8 -- this keyer may actually cause me to abandon my straight key.

Thanks Steve!



  1. There is one idea I've been kicking around. I've been thinking of building a clockwork QRSS keyer. Wind it up in the morning, and it repeats it's message for eight days :)

  2. Here's an idea posted to rec.radio.amateur.homebrew in 1999"
    Hello Bill and Others:

    A few years ago, a buddy had made a neat keying operation made by taking a
    one RPM clock motor and had it rotate a printed circuit board disk that had
    the callsign etched on it several times sequentially. Clock motors are
    made to run continuously for years, and it stood up with just an
    occaisional cleaning of the wiper arm with spray cleaner.

    All the best to all!

    73 de
    Lee Smith


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