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Sunday, July 13, 2008

The BEST Jean Shepherd Ham Radio Episode

Mark, W8MOJ, found this one a while back, but then somehow we lost it. This morning I found it again. Jean Shepherd talks about ham radio homebrewing, regen receivers, searching for parts at radio row, building stuff in the basement, secretly studying for his ham license during civics class, and one of his teenage ham friends who, in his basement, secretly built a.....

"Other kids would draw Christmas trees and sailboats... I would draw schematics of phone transmitters."

Don't miss this one! Here is the link to the mp3 file: Jean Shepherd, January 24, 1973


  1. heard this one a few times. i was lucky enough to download just about all of his stuff before it was taken down from net jukbox.

    nice find and thank you for sharing.

    -73, AI2D

  2. This is another good one to listen to. I remember spending hours in may basement when I was growing. My dad, W2ELX, built a 100 watt 2M AM transmitter and a HF SSB transmitter during the 50/60s. I got my license and took over the basement. I really miss my basement living on a slab in CA. Randy K7AGE

  3. Shep's show was a little before my time (born in '75) so this is the first I have ever heard him.

    It's too bad that they don't have radio like this any more. Shep sure has a way of spinning a tale that draws you in and has you wanting to make sure that you don't miss a bit. He reminds me of the story telling uncle that has you hanging on his every word. Great stuff!

    Thanks for sharing.
    73 de KI6BEO

  4. InsomniaTheater.com plays Jean Shepherd (K2ORS) shows almost non-stop

    Dale W4OP


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