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Sunday, July 20, 2008

The SolderSmoke Microphone

As promised, here is the infamous SolderSmoke microphone, featuring duct tape, and supported by a Radio Shack "Third Hand."

Check out the "popping on the letter P" audio filter I made out of a bathroom drain filter, a baby wipe, and duct tape. The previous effort using some foam from an old Walkman headphone is also visible.

Kind of appropriate, don't ya' think? I think this simple filter has helped with the audio problem.
(Let me know what you think.)


  1. Needs to be wireless to be truly a knack victim project.
    Woody / KF4TQJ
    N. E. Alabama

  2. Soon to be available from the Heil Sound catalog. Randy

  3. Hi Bill,

    The popping of the P is gone, but the hissing of the letter S is still there.

    Robert / PD4GLR

  4. Yea, I notices the hissing on the S. What kind of plumbing device should I use for this? :-)
    Next episode, I will experiment with some low pass filtering using the equalization feature of Audacity.
    Please let me know if it makes things better.

  5. To eliminate the 'S' sounds , a trip to the plumbing section of the hardware store for some brass pipe couplings might be in order.

    Somehow all of my home-brew gear always works better with a pipe coupler or two.

    The new antenna for my mobile is a such an example. :-) http://oh2ffy.50webs.com/carant/carant01.html

    gregW:-) OH2FFY

  6. Woody said...
    "Needs to be wireless to be truly a knack victim project."

    I say go for BlueTooth so you can connect it to your BlackBerry...


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