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Sunday, July 6, 2008

SolderSmoke #87

July 6, 2008     


On the beach at Fregene
QRSS Mania:
Calibration problems solved
First reports received
The Fun of Grabbers
Checking your signal via Blackberry
The Joy of Milliwatting
Chirp, Click, Drift in QRSS
Temperature sensitivity
Bury that Beacon?
Why so little US QRSS?
More US Grabbers needed
Elser in "History of QRP in US"
New Slides, WAC on ClustrMap!
MAILBAG: G0FUW reports EI9GQ victin of Knack
KC0PET on understanding our circuits
ON4FW sends FB pictures
KG6TCJ on QRSS calibration
W7ZOI on FD and calibration
W4NI on measuring harmonics
PE1OIT on GPS calibration technique

1 comment:

  1. I let out the magic smoke out of my 555 timer transmitter and am now using a design like k0lr simple beacon transmitter for the lowfer band. It uses a oscillator IC for 1.8432 MHZ and a divide X 10 IC 74hc4017 as the frequency divider. Checkout k0lr's site and VE7SL's site. Keep up the great work


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