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Saturday, July 5, 2008

The QRSS View from ON5EX -- July 5, 2008

I wanted to give you guys a sense of what you can see on the QRSS Grabbers. The grabbers are just the output screens from the Argo or Spectran (or other) software that have been placed on-line, updating every few minutes. In the screen shot above, you can see the sophisticated signal of Eddie, G3JZO, pounding into Belgium (this is the Grabber of Johan, ON5EX). My much more basic effort is visible as a line of Morse Code just below Eddie's sig. Above Eddie you can see the "snake CW" of IQ4FJ. Along the bottom right of the screen, you will see the square wave signal from the 5 mw solar powered beacon of Paolo, IZ1KXQ (scroll down a bit to see his rig, and his schematic). I think the vertical stipes must be lightning.

Check out I2NDT's Grabber Compendium (but be aware that not all of them are on 24/7):

In this screen shot from I2NDT's Grabber, you can see the effect of me turning the air conditioning on in my shack. I have added a bit of insulation (an ARRL Handbook placed on top of the beacon box!) and things seems to have stabilized. With the entire "QRSS band" only 100 hertz wide, it doesn't take much to slide your signal all the way across the band!

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  1. Bill, you almost got me hooked on this QRSS stuff. Check out the link below. Maybe your next trick will be to write SOLDERSMOKE RULES!

    -Dan WA6PZB



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