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Saturday, July 19, 2008

SolderSmoke #88

July 19, 2008


My walk to work in Rome
The BEST Jean Shepherd ham radio episode
My talk with Jean Shepherd
NR5A's beacon
200 Knights
QRSS of .3 wpm = 1.3 Hz bandwidth
IZ4BFA in stereo CW
K1JT - The Knight with the Nobel Prize
Drain cap audio popping filter
Help ID a BC-348
Dan's Small Parts to return
The British Amateur Television Club: Knack to the Max
ADVERTS: N3ZI's Freq Counters, Gadgeteer Books
MAILBAG: Home Counties QRP Club, LU1CBL's BA Beacon,
I2NDT's Thailand Beacon, KI4UZI listens at Cape Kennedy,
KD0BIK's podcast, AF4UI's LC meter, KD4EBM on Coherent CW,
ZL3TKA IS NOT CRAZY, 7J1AWL reading "Crystal Fire,"
M0JFE wants HB phone, VK7AX rebroadcasting SolderSmoke in
Tasmania, M0NDE caught The Knack at age 6.

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