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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Colin's Power Meter

Hi Bill,

Thought you would be interested in the attached pics, one shows a power meter that a colleague made for me. I had mentioned to my colleague about the W7ZOI power meter after listening to SolderSmoke at work. A couple of days later I was presented with a power meter constructed from scrap parts! We work for a company that repairs cell 'phone base station equipment and the power meter was made from some scrap VSWR monitor circuits. My favourite part of the device is the heatsink fins on the 30dB attenuator along the top, which can be taken out of circuit by removing the SMA link. To use the meter, the 8V regulator is powered up and if any RF is present at the RF in, a voltage, which can be read by an external Volt meter, is output via the multiway connector. I use a ribbon cable, which has three connections used, DC (+&-) and meter test point. A graph plotting RF in against Volts out can then be used to determine measured RF.

The second pic shows a QSL card for a 17m CW contact I received for my contact with Ronny SM4RRF. I was using a low dipole and 500mW from an FT817! This was my 2nd ever CW contact.

73 and keep up the good work at SolderSmoke.

Colin M0CGH

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