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Monday, April 12, 2010

G0UPL's Ingenious QRSS Circuit

Just look at that circuit! That's a complete QRSS beacon transmitter, including a multivibrator (the two transistors on the left) to generate a recognizable pattern on the grabber screens. This diagram appears in SPRAT 134. Hans Summers ran this rig with just a couple of volts from his homebrew bleach-based battery system back in 2008. I plan on putting a version of this rig into the solar powered lawn lamp I showed you two posts ago (scroll down).

In other news, I finished building the Ugly Weekender AF amp this morning, and it passed the smoke test. My WSPR system went toes up this morning, so today I am QRSSing on 30 meters. I'm running my usual upside down FSK. Please let me know if you see me.

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