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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

SolderSmoke Book Helps With License Upgrade SAVE 10%!

Thanks to all those who are helping to get the word out about "SolderSmoke -- The Book." I put together a web page about the book:
http://soldersmoke.com/book.htm Lulu is running a sale: 10% off during April. Coupon Code: SHOWERS

I got a very gratifying e-mail from OM Walter. I was very pleased to hear that the technical portions of the book helped him in his license upgrade efforts:

Just thought I would drop you a note to let you how much your podcasts and book have influenced my life (for better or worse). I have been listening to you podcast since last summer and have all of them on CD and have listened to them all. Living in Florida for the past 10 years I have not been active because I thought I could not get a proper station and antenna setup here (HOA restrictions). Boy was I wrong. Late last year I bit the bullet and bought a Icom 703+ QRP rig and hooked it to my computer for digital modes. Antenna of choice? A PAC12 vertical antenna kit. The antenna is indoors sitting on a small photo tripod.
With this setup using PSK and RTTY I have over 1/2 of the US confirmed and 8 countries including England and Germany. I am having a ball. My wife calls it "Playing with Radio's". At least she knows where I am...
Next steps is to get my code speed up and I have a couple of kits on order (QRP of course).
Your book was instrumental in me ugrading from General (N2LTB) to Extra (AJ4UM) in Dec 2009. Read your book and used the ARRL study guide. Your explanations hit home and I believe made studing for the test easier. Also very entertaining.
Thanks again for all you do for the Ham community and keep it up.

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