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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Receiver Success! Combining Computers and Homebrew Radio

Well, it turns out that yesterday was a GREAT day for a new receiver. When I got home from work 30 meters was open. I fired up the new receiver and the FLDIGI program. Immediately I started to see and decode PSK-31 signals. I quickly switched over to the WSPR program and right away I could see the little two minute WSPR sigs. Here is what my screen looked like:

The program also began to automatically upload reports to WSPR HQ. Here is the report I found on the WSPR web site this morning:

I know all this WSPR and digi stuff often seems to be very computer-centric, and very "appliance radio," but I think this little project shows how we can have the best of both worlds: This rig combines a laptop computer and some pretty sophisticated software with a VERY simple, discrete component, homebrew direct-conversion receiver.

OK. So you see that I left a lot of space on the PC board. That's where the DSB transmitter (for WSPR and possibly PSK-31) will go.

BTW: You can keep an eye on my reception reports by going to the Database section of the WSPRnet site and plugging my call (I0/N2CQR) into the "reporting station" block. I'll leave the receiver on today.


  1. Would this RX work off a 5V supply? If so, an interesting development of it would be to make a USB powered receiver. It could be combined with a sound card so it didn't need to use the sound card of the computer. You could get one of those cheap USB sound "dongles" and build it into the case. You'd have to crack the dongle case open to get at the 5V supply. Just thinking on the fly here...

  2. What is the pep with your rig? I have followed your podcast (how I found out about WSPR) for a while now and I have always been impressed with the sub watt accomplishments of your equipment.



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