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Thursday, March 3, 2011

SolderSmoke Podcast #131

SolderSmoke Podcast #131
28 February 2011


--UK nostalgia: "King's Speech" saves British Regen
--Dark Cloud, Silver Lining: ice storm gets us back on the air
--40 meter phone (AM and SSB)
--K2ZA interview: John Zaruba's DX-100
--SolderSmoke audio woes: interference! Lollipop ditched.
--Buzz Aldrin's lunar seismograph
--Watching the space station fly over Virginia
--Twain, Tesla, Edison and Halley's Comet
--Capuccio on Drugs


  1. Bill,

    Audio is much better. However, I can still hear, very weakly, some AM broadcast QRM! Might not even be worth troubleshooting though.

    Look forward to seeing you here in C'Ville some time. Just take 29 south and you can't miss it, hi hi.

  2. I think the qrm adds a real radio quality to the podcast, along the same lines when Bill used to have CW in the background from the Drake 2b.

  3. The BBC resurrected the microphone King George VI used and conducted an interview on-air with it - a video of that is here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-12580470

    The researchers for the movie spent some time at the Beeb making sure they got the technology right, so those control panels were probably spot on. Unfortunately, they didn't realise that one of the major sets they used had previously been the location for a very different sort of movie. Although that other movie also revolved around the relationship between two gentlemen, speech wasn't a big part of the thrust, so to speak, of the storyline. Don't Google for further details at work.

    (But BBC announcers didn't wear tuxedos. They wore dinner jackets!)

    Rupert, G6HVY


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