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Monday, September 26, 2011

2-B Trouble Continues

Thanks for all the suggestions and encouragement. I agree with WA6ARA that the bandswitch is a likely suspect. For the E socket on the Drake 2-B (that's where my 22 MHz rock goes) the bandswitch switches in not just the crystal, but also a slug-tuned coil. It is presumed to be an overtone crystal.

The receiver works fine on all other bands.

I've already hit the wafer switch with several shots of RadioShack Contact Cleaner (I'm out of De-Ox-It). And I've given position E a good work out. No joy.

I will dig deeper this week.

It may be the crystal. It looks like I got it from Drake -- it is marked "22 MHz 2C" so it may be for the 2C receiver. It has a sort of worrisome dent in the side. I may build the test oscillator that Steve recommends.

Of course, as soon as I get this fixed the sunspots will disappear and 17 will become a white noise generator.

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  1. Does anyone have a copy of 73 magazine, September 1975, and if so, could you scan the article "Queen Roger Papa from Hotel Whiskey 7" by Ken Cole W7IDF and email to me? Thanks RBacaB XE1GXG roberto.barnard@gmail.com

    p.d. good luck with fixing the Drake. I miss my Hallicrafters SX-28


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