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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Shack Rehab

Every once in a while we all need to attack the clutter that grips our radio shacks. That's what I was doing this weekend. I got rid of a lot of junk. And I reorganized the operating position. On the left is the HQ-100. I plan on putting the K2ZA DX-100 underneath the HQ-100. To the right is the famous Drake 2-B/Hallicrafters HT-37 combo. Next we have the roadkill Ubuntu computers. The laptop used in the production of the podcast is right behind the keyboard. To the right of the computers I have the HW-7 that we recently discussed. Next to it is my Ne-602-based 20 meter DSB transceiver. I plan to us the shelf above the HW-7 (where the clock is) for experimental rigs. To the right of the operating table I have some shelves that hold the beacon gear.

I have all the rigs on the operating table hooked up to an old MFJ coaxial switch, so it is easy to get them connected to the ether. I'm listening to 40 meter AM now. I did some Spanish language SW listening this morning: Radio Havana Cuba, Radio Marti, CBC Canada, Radio Japan, WWV...

Cleaning up proved very fruitful. I found an old portable DVD player -- Elisa's Mom now has a way of watching the many hours of family video that we have accumulated. I also found and rehabilitated some "family radio service" handi-talkies -- the kids are using these to communicate with friends across the street. And I dusted off my old 2 meter Radio Shack HT. It works! I almost clipped it onto my belt as we were heading out today, but my kids would never allow me to be so techno-retro in public.


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  1. How is the bicycle mobile setup coming along? I have been using an HT and a 1/4 wave vertical on my bike here in Guadalajara. There are very few hams left in GDL (and México) but I manage to hit the local repeater a couple of times with that rustic setup, while dodging cars and buses. Sumamente peligroso andar en bicla aquí en Guadalajara... Heard ARISSat on the bike (no big deal, it went right overhead) but recognised the child's voice doing the announcement...onward and upward...

  2. This is very interesting. I was doing the exact same thing LAST weekend! I swear to you Bill, with the coming of fall, men's thoughts turn to solder! I think you've even said so yourself.

    I swept out my shack and organized a lot of stuff, clearing a bench to build Farhan's rig and to experiment with other stuff. It's kind of rejuvenating.

  3. I recognized that Casio scientific calculator on the bench, but mine is solar powered FX-115ES. I believe yours has natural display as well.


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