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Saturday, September 10, 2011

SolderSmoke Podcast #137


10 September 2011

Earthquake! Hurricane! Tropical Storm!

The Heathkit HW-7 -- An Undeserved Bad Reputation

Over-the-counter saltpeter
Movie review: Green Hornet, Captain America
How many 2-Bs? (11,571)
Ubuntifying dead laptops
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Replacing a diode ring mixer with a diode...

...then trying the NT7S MOSFET detector
Where is boatanchor wizard Walt Hutchins KJ4JV ?
Sputnik update
Lew McCoy wrote about one of my projects
MAILBAG (with mail from Farhan and Wes)

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  1. "captain america is a little goofy" haha, couldn't agree more. Nice podcast. And it's finally gotten me motivated to go back to the bench. I'm finally assembling the Bitx-20 and a LPF and maybe will start in on a couple other things. Must be the fall weather -- cooler temps turn our thoughts to solder!

  2. Hi Bill,

    Another great S-S. My comments:

    A 5.9 Richter? HAHAHA! Man, that's about like having the cat jumping on the bed. Out here it takes a 6 just to get our attention. Seriously, that one was only 10 miles from the surface and geologically that is extremely shallow. No wonder you were rockin' and rollin'!

    Oh, brother. Using the receiver in the HW-7 is about two steps from self-abuse. That is unless you're into Lectrokit Spider transceivers. Yikes.

    Tell me, how do I solder to an Ubuntu? I think there was one in the backyard the other night. The
    cat was after it.

    Oh, my. Popped your fancy schmancy DBM module? Just roll your own! All parts can be scrounged from an old TV chassis. Not in a scrounging mood? (perish the thought) Dan's has DBM kits, cheap.

    Man, Lew McCoy is one of my heroes. I built his "75 Watter" from the '64 Handbook and it worked like a champ. Sure beat my first HB 6L6 rig of 4 Watts! Got me through my Novice lic. term and early general until I got hot to get on phone and bought a DX-60!

    73........Steve Smith WB6TNL
    "Snort Rosin"


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