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Friday, September 16, 2011

An MFJ Cub and a Piper Cub

I was very happy to get this e-mail from Jeff, KO7M. Jeff has been using his Cub transceiver with his Piper Cub airplane. Very nice.
Hi Bill,
Long time no see! A while back I picked up a Kindle and have really enjoyed having an electronic way to tote around my Sprat PDF files and books. I decided to download a copy of Soldersmoke on the Kindle and re-read it and have enjoyed that very much. I am now reading your other book (just started) Contra Cross and look forward to enjoying that one as well.
Not much happening in the melting solder department, but I am working with an old National SW-3 regen receiver that I picked up on eBay. I am building a power supply for it and hope to have it on the air soon. Yeah, I know... I am from the dark side and enjoy regens. :)
We are having a stretch of nice weather out west and I have been flying as much as I can get away with as a result as it only lasts so long, eh? I flew up to the San Juan Islands and took the "Cub" transceiver with me up to Orcas Island camping a few weeks ago and had fun shunt loading a chain link fence. Made a few local contacts on 40 CW.
The cloud formations off the south end of San Juan Island the next morning were really cool! Check out the photos attached.
Hope all is well with you and your family. Take care, my friend.
Jeff Whitlatch - ko7m

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  1. Very cool, indeed.

    With the MFJ along for the ride, would that make him the founder of the Cub in a Cub Club? :-P

    73......Steve Smith WB6TNL
    "Snort Rosin"

  2. I like it!! Guess I will have to put that on my business cards, eh? :)

    Jeff - ko7m


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