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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Can we put a Sputnik signal back in space for $300?

This article from Hack-a-Day caught my eye:
We just make the antenna a bit longer and put it on 20 MHz. Or for a shorter antenna, 40 MHz.
Bert and the fellows out at UVA are going to take care of the whole SETI thing (Jerry, NR5A, was in the lead on this -- he started the SolderSmoke SETI-AT-HOME group). But we'll need some additional volunteers to cover the Low Earth Orbit portion of the SolderSmoke Space Program. And of course we have to come up with the 300 bucks.

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  1. haha, yeah well I wouldn't hold my breath on the UVA SETI program! I did post an email to our club mailing list about it but got zero response. I still would like to do it on my own though, just need to find the elusive "time", which is scarce in the midst of a degree program.

    That little board satellite looks like fun.

  2. Check the KickStarter page, they're more than halfway to $30K already!


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