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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Steve Jobs (age 12) calls Bill Hewlett (of HP)

"When he was in eighth grade, Steve Jobs decided to build a frequency counter for a school project and needed parts. Someone suggested that he call Bill Hewlett. Finding a William Hewlett in the telephone book, the 12-year-old Jobs called and asked, "Is this the Bill Hewlett of Hewlett-Packard?" "Yes," said Bill. Jobs made his request. Bill spent some time talking to him about his project. Several days later, Jobs went to HP and picked up a bag full of parts that Bill had put together for him."

More HP stories: http://www.hp.com/retiree/history/founders/hewlett/quotes.html

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  1. I have always thought of H-P as quality people and quality products.
    Aside from the long trust I had in their printers (and test equipment) - when in California it was joyous to see the legacy of David Packer and his family in the founding and support of the Monterey Aquarium and its research facility.

  2. I guess it was a nice gesture on the part of HP to fulfill Steve's request.His inspiration made him a pioneer in IT industry.Many luxuries we enjoy today are due to him.May his soul rest in peace.


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