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Friday, October 7, 2011

"Spine Tingling" Sputnik Recordings From 1957

Doug, W8NFT, sent me this booklet and copies of the recordings that came with it. Below you will find links to the booklet itself and the two mp3 files. Note that the signals were captured using an HRO receiver. Side A is a "re-creation" of the launch ("spine tingling in its realism!!!!") Side B is an actual recording of the sat's iconic beeping.

http://soldersmoke.com/Sputnik Booklet.PDF

http://soldersmoke.com/Sputnik Side A.mp3

http://soldersmoke.com/Sputnik Side B.mp3

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  1. Fabulous! Thanks to you and Doug/W8NFT.

    I let out a "lonely and mysterious cry" of my own this morning. Josef/ON6WJ responded with his Sputnik clone. An hour later we worked a second time with 559/569 reports. Sometime later I almost worked DL3PB's Sputnik for a second time. Again we were one report shy of a QSO. Great fun! Thanks again for the cool book/recording!

    Beep, beep,
    Mike, AA1TJ

  2. This whole thing sounds awesome, and I'm so glad it's been extended through the weekend. I'll be listening for some of you guys this weekend from my Staunton shack. I'll try from W4UVA as well but we need to do some antenna farm work.

    Happy Sputniking!


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