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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Eclectic Electronics: Powering Arduinos with Tube Filament Voltage

You know that you are dealing with a broad range of technology when you find yourself discussing how to power an Arduino microcontroller from the 12V AC voltage on a vacuum tube filament line. Thanks Pete. 

Hi Bill,
There is only so much that can be said in 1 hour and 19 minutes so maybe here is some stuff for the blog.
The 1st thing on the list when working with the Arduino when it is not connected to the computer is to have a proper power supply. My research as indicated that 9 VDC “raw” is a good starting point to power the Arduino boards so here are two supplies that will provide that power.
I did find that it was necessary to have an isolated supply when working with the “toob” radios and even to isolate the RF into the radio using a ferrite core transformer –some more tribal knowledge.
One supply takes an 8 VDC regulator and boosts its output to 9 VDC. The second uses a switching regulator and the beauty of the second is that the input can be either 12 V AC or DC. This is ideal for use in toob radios where you can sample the 12.6 VAC filament string.

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