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Monday, September 22, 2014

The SWLing Post, Ears To Our World, and the HumanaLight


Thomas, K4SWL, has a really impressive shortwave listening blog.  Yesterday he was kind enough to post an article about my latest obsession:  the echoes on China Radio International: 

Even more impressive is Thomas's work on behalf of poor people in the Third World. He is the Director of Ears to Our World, a charity group that provides innovative, simple and appropriate technologies to schools and communities in remote, rural and impoverished regions of our world.
Here they are: http://www.earstoourworld.org/

They distribute radios to people who would no other regular technological contact with the rest of the world.  They are also involved in an intriguing project called the HumanaLight:  "Dead" AA batteries power lights that can make a big difference for people living in areas that have never been on any grid.   Here it is: http://www.earstoourworld.org/humanalight/

Ears to Our World is looking for Donations to help them bring light and radios to people who really need them:   Here is where you can help: 

This is clearly a very appropriate charity for radio amateurs. 


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