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Saturday, September 13, 2014

SolderSmoke Podcast #165 Arduinos!

SolderSmoke Podcast #165 is available: 


September 13, 2014

Workbench Update:  Bill's "Off the Shelf" Regen,  Pete's Boatanchors
Mysterious Echos on Shortwave Signals.  Solve the Mystery.  Please. 
Microcontrollers -- What they can do for you.
Small world:  As a kid, Pete was neighbor of "Digital Dial" N3ZI 
NEWS FLASH: Arduino creator Massimo Banzi was a ham!  
Born in a bar, cheaper than pizza:  The Italian origins of Arduino
Arduino CW generators
No coding skills needed
Arduino + AD9850 = Signal Generator or VFO
Arduinos in the Minma
What the heck is a Shield?
SolderSmoke Mailbag

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  1. The link is broken because of a misspelling...

    Needs an 's' in the first soldersmoke, which is currently soldermoke...

    Thank you for all the work you do to put these together - It's always great listening!!!

    -Jeff KF7RPI

  2. Hi Bill,

    After listening to SS 165 I think you and I have redefined the common term "ragchewing." I guess we were having so much fun and can only hope it was useful to the many listeners.

    Pete N6QW from the"left coast."

  3. If you want to go "minimal" Arduino you actually don't even need the crystal. This is a bit more involved as the bootloader needs to be changed but it isn't bad once you have done it once.

    Done this way the chip runs slower, 8 instead of 16MHz. One non-obvious advantage is that this lowers the minimum voltage the chip will run at. That can come in handy as there are many accessories available which run at 3.3V.

    This way you can just run everything at 3.3V eliminating the need for a second regulator and various voltage dividers or worse, bi-directional voltage converters.

  4. Thanks for the mention again, Bill. If I had a dollar every time you mentioned my Morse sending code, I could.. Well, probably buy another Arduino. :-) it continues to be one of my most popular posts. I will second the idea of home brewing your own: the controller, maybe a crystal, and a small number of discretes, and you can use an arduino to program it. Awesome. Mark K6HX

  5. The Soldersmoke podcast only gets better. I think you've found the right combination. The Pete/Bill duo has the perfect mix of tech talk, tips,references, the usual drollness (much appreciated on this side). Like the "Juneau/London" days of early SS, this "new" SS is super engaging, fun to listen to, and educational. ICQ + CWTD = SS. Muchos éxitos más...XE1GXG WB7AVF

  6. Hi Bill,
    I really enjoyed your latest podcast. You and Pete together make a fine team and your enthusiasm is contagious. Please keep your podcasts coming.

    Al, N8WQ


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