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Thursday, September 18, 2014

SSB with Just Two Tubes

Here is the two tube SSB transmitter that Pete was telling me about.  This would be a nice companion to the "Mate for the Mighty Midget" receiver that I built a long time ago.  Another Benton Harbor Lunchbox may have to be sacrificed... 

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  1. I thought the "mighty midget" was a receiver, so wouldn't the transmitter be "the mate"?

    This looks like it's from "The Radio Handbook", a late enough vintage that Bill Orr's name was on the cover.

    On second look, it's fairly generic, not much beyond a block diagram.

    But it reminds me, in the late fifties or early sixties, someone put together a transmitter, I think mostly with sub-miniature tubes. The intent was to either travel with it, or mail it, to get DX on the air with SSB. They'd have a receiver, and power supply, so an ssb transmitter that was small was all that was needed.

    It was called "the Argonaut" and CQ ran an article, but pouting to "The Radio Handbook" for the schematic.

    Of course, someone had a simple SSB transmitter in QST (and later the ARRL SSB Manual) called The Imp, and then later a transistorized version. I think the same author later had a tiny SSB transceiver.


  2. I have that schematic on page 390 of the 18th edition of the Bill Orr Radio Handbook.

    There's also a five transistor slightly similar version on page 389.


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