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Monday, September 1, 2014

Youth, Short Waves, and the Invigorating Properties of Regen Receivers

Oh man, when I saw this I just had to put it on the blog.  The artist is Jeff Murray,  K1NSS, the genius behind Dashtoons.   Dave Richards AA7EE is, well, the OC!  

So not only have we learned that regen receivers are NOT demonic, we now see that they have health enhancing properties!  Like all that antioxidant stuff!  This is great.  I'm feeling younger already.  

Regen on my friends!     

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  1. Many thanks for your kind words Bill, I sure hope the MacArthur Foundation is tuned-in to Solder Smoke so they know where to send that Genius Grant! Yes, Dave's handiwork and blog are are as marvelous as the OC is gracious and good-humored.

  2. Flux is an antioxidant... See how this works?


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