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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Colin's BITX is Receiving!

Wow, quite a bit of progress at M1BUU since our last look (see below).  I must admit, that Arduino DDS board looks quite nice sitting there in the VFO territory.  In his original BITX20 article Farhan recommends a pause before the construction of the final portions of the transmitter -- the builder is advised to sit back and enjoy the receiver that has just been created.  Colin is at that point!   Congratulations Colin.  He has noted that his board is a bit(x) smaller than mine.  Maybe he should stick with Farhan's recommendation and build the PA and driver on a separate board.  This will also help prevent the dreaded oscillations -- no need to tempt fate or anger the radio gods! 

Hi Pete,
Another great SolderSmoke episode this weekend, I really like the humour between you and Bill! I listened to SS whilst melting solder on my BITX project.
I had really wanted to get my BITX working as a receiver before the end of the weekend, but Lewis Hamilton and his (successful) bid to become Formula 1 World Champion, put an end to that idea! I also decided that I wanted to buy some better quality capacitors for the band pass filter, so I've ordered them today.
I fired up the receiver chain for the first time this evening from where the BPF should be, right through to the AF amp, I'm pleased to report that I seem to have created a working superhet receiver! I heard some BC breakthrough at certain points of the tuning range and the rig receives the second harmonic of my Rishworth Buildathon 40m transmitter beautifully (on right part of dial too!). I hadn't tested the RX IF amps or AF amp before, but they seem to be doing just fine.
I'm so pleased to have got so far, and I'm very pleased with the build. That big copper clad board doesn't look so big now, but I think I have room for the TX/RX switch, BPF, RF driver, RF PA and LPF which I still need to add.
Thanks for the encouragement and advice so far, I doubt I'd be feeling so elated at this point without it!
This is going to be a really cool rig!
73, Colin M1BUU

Hi Colin,
Two words come to mind: Absolutely Superb! Wow that is such a work of art. I may never show another one of my projects as you have set the standard and benchmark.
You also have demonstrated building from the back end which we discussed in SS168. Now what you have built is a part of the test system.
Really outstanding. Be sure and video your 1st qso and share on You Tube.

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