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Monday, November 3, 2014

SolderSmoke Podcast #167: Arduinos, Amplifiers, Books, and Tribal Knowledge

SolderSmoke Podcast #167 is available: 


3 November 2014
Who the heck is Giovanni Manzoni? 
Pete's Bench Report: 
     "Let's Build Something"  Project 
      Arduinos and Si5351s
Bill's Bench Report:  140 watt Amplifier Completed! 
      Low Pass Filter Design with the ELSIE Program
      Samlex Power Supply
     How I almost blew it up! 
     The new amp and the lids in the FT4TA pileup
Tribal Knowledge!
"Nature abhors a vacuum (tube)!"  "The Innovators" by Walter Isaacson. 
Carter, WA9DNF, REALLY knows which end of the soldering iron to grab! 
Meeting with Thomas, KK6AHT.  The two electronic cultures. 
Interviews by Chris, KD4PBJ, at Two Days in Huntsville: 
     Glen Popiel, KW5GP, Author of "Arduino for Ham Radio" 
     John Henry of TenTec
     Steve, WG0AT  

                                               Giovanni Manzoni
Giovanni Manzoni b. circa 1950 Civatavecchia, Lazio, Italy is a noted videographer specializing in the avante garde use of YouTube in ham radio homebrew settings.   Long noted for his insistence on the use of completely home-made video equipment, Manzoni went so far as to demand that his cameras and recorders only use discrete components -- he claimed that integrated circuits "freaked him out."  Manzoni's collaborators have long been puzzled by his claim that all his videos are filmed "on location."  What he means by this remains unclear, however, in a 1997 interview in QST-Italia, he was quoted as saying "No matter where you go, there you are!" 

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  2. Dave at the EEVBlog gave a good description of the FTDI situation.


  3. Having just finished listening to episode 167, I have a couple of observations. First, while I greatly enjoyed older episodes of the podcast, the newer episodes with Bill and Pete are outstanding; I learn a lot from the back-and-forth between you guys. Second, while I'm sure this isn't the first time you've heard this suggestion, I think an amateur radio tribal knowledge book would be a big hit. I'd certainly buy one.

  4. Long noted for his insistence on the use of completely home-made video equipment, used hifi


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