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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

DDS amplifier

Tony, G4WIF, asked about an amplifier to boost the output of the AD9850 chip.  Here is Dr. Juliano's prescription: 

You might find that once you plug that DDS into a circuit you may not quite get 1 V pk to pk  and in fact after about 10 MHz it really starts to sag. See the attached drawing as you can put this “afterburner’ on the output of the DDS. The isolated output is good if you are interfacing with “toob” type equipment –it can be left off if you are doing SS or just left in place. This is the output from the amp and as you can see fairly clean.
Pete N6QW

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  1. Thanks for the schematic Pete. Now I need to melt some solder. 73's, David WB4ONA

  2. Pete, what's with the 0.1uF bypass on the 100 ohm trimpot? How to adjust? VK3HN.


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