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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Pete Goes Superhet with the Si5351 generating BOTH VFO and BFO (video)

Congrats to Pete for his amazingly fast development of a 40 meter superhet receiver using a single Adafruit Si5351 paired with an Arduino Nano for ALL of the frequency generation.   No more VFOs, no more crystals.  It sounds great!   Amazing stuff.  

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  1. Hi Bill:

    Kudos to Pete for his receiver
    adventures, but I'd feel remiss without offering a huge nod to Jason, NT7S http://nt7s.com/ who with sheer determination and skill conducted or arranged careful experiments and code development to bring the Si5351 to mainstream popularity.

    Best to you!


  2. This becomes very interesting.

    There are lots of oddball crystal filters out there, presumably good for something, but apart from missing specs, if they are for ssb or cw, the bfo crystals aren't with them. If a synthesizer can generate the LO and the bfo, they could actually see use.

    Or filters that can be used as "roofing filters" early in a receiver, but aren't practical because the conversion crystal to where there is full selectivity isn't off the shelf. This holds for oddball frequency commercial filters as well as homemade ladder filters using oddball frequencies because those crystals are cheap.



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