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Saturday, November 22, 2014

SolderSmoke Podcast #168 Software Inefficiencies! DSB Blues! Schematic Errors! QRO Confessions!

SolderSmoke Podcast #168 is available. 
22 November 2014 

The benefits of software inefficiency.
Don't throw a wet blanket on computer baby steps.
DDS-ing Pete's old boatanchors and Bill's BITX. 
Bill's DSB amplifier woes: a JBOT unfairly scorned.
Getting ready for solar-powered beach DSB.  
Michigan Mighty Mite Crystal Offer -- FREE ROCKS!
Tribal knowledge: Beware of mistakes in published schematics!
QRO update: Working Japan on 17 meters. 
Happy Thanksgiving! 

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  1. I liked your comments about projects and learning.

    Hams often build projects just for themselves. They are not trying to produce hundreds or thousands of copies of their circuit. Such projects are the optimal design if they satisfy the ham's criteria, often just that they work as intended. On to the next project!

    Yep software people can be very judgmental. This often is because the code they write must be understandable years later by another engineer. Optimal size and speed are often not the need or goal of a Ham project.

    Dave. AA6RE

  2. Internet pet peve...

    KWM-4 looks interesting, I'd like to see more than your tube used car reviews. No schematic, or even inside pics.

    I have been one to look over other builders and engineers shoulder to see good ideas and steal them. Yes, its a good thing to see how the wheel was made, understand it, and then use the bits that apply to maybe a similar or very different project. It could be industrial design, mechanical, or electronic.

    There is also what I call "Squirrel" or shiny things that catch the eye and cause distraction while also reverting back to the above.

    Its the fun of the hobby and also interesting to see what others do.

    Have anyone Looked at Farhans's Minima.
    There are some great ideas there. One
    I've found effective was very high HF or even low VHF IF with filters. Worth a look.


  3. There's nothing wrong with a few extra lines of code in an Arduino sketch. 99% of the time it has Zero effect on anything real. In fact it's better to code clearly, you'll have fewer bugs that way. Fewer bugs beats clever anywhere anytime.

  4. Your discussion of the ground problem in that RF amp (first the JBOT, then the replacement) has lit a bulb for me: the final PA section of one of my qRP radios has massive Z problems. I have blamed MOSFETS, toroid xfmrs, cans, etc. and could not fix it. Could it be, could it be just a bum grounding issue? Time to take the radio out of its case and explore. Another FB SS and as usual the Bill-Pete exchange keeps us chuckling! Avante y adelante! Gracias por otro episodio...


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