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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Glowing Blue Numerals! A Frequency Counter for the BITX17 (VIDEO)

These little frequency counters from China have a lot of potential.  And they add a dash of digital color to an otherwise bland analog hamshack.  I got mine on e-bay. 

My BITX17 has now been "accessorized" with 
1) A rotatable Moxon antenna (big improvment!)
2) A 120 watt Communications Concepts Linear amplifier (another big improvement) and
3) This digital frequency readout.  

What next?  

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1 comment:

  1. Very cool Bill, been following your new digital adventures with Pete very closely. I hadn't seen this frequency counter before, very awesome, I'll have to pick one up. I thought maybe you and Pete would be interested in some other chinese gadgets that I've been playing with: the TM1638 and TM1640. The TM1638 is a board that has 8 7 segment numbers, 8 leds, and 8 switches, and interfaces with the Arduino with just 5 wires (power ground, clock and.... one more) There are easy to use libraries. Could form the basis of a cool front panel for a DIY radio. The TM1648 is just 16 7 segment digits. If you search on eBay, you can get these for about $4 each, which makes them a complete steal, various amazon sellers also have 'em. http://www.amazon.com/Estone-Double-Digital-TM1638-Arduino/dp/B00F3REO3E


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