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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

REALLY AMAZING! The Portable SDR Project! 42 Hours Left To Save It!

Holy cow!  Look at that rig.   The whole HF spectrum.  AM,  CW,  SSB,  Digital Modes, Waterfall display,  GPS.  It may even have a Vector Network Analyzer!   (Deep breaths Pete Juliano, deep breaths!)

Michael KE7HIA is trying to get this project going via a Kickstarter campaign.  He needs to get to $60,000   He currently has about $47,000 pledged.  There are only 42 hours to go:


Wow, this rig would have been great for my Double A DR DX-pedition! 


  • Coverage from 0 to 35MHz
  • Waterfall display that lets you see radio signals
  • Receives AM, USB (Upper Side Band), LSB (Lower Side Band), and Morse code (CW)
  • Modulates USB and LSB signals
  • Variable bandpass filter


  • Powerful ARM processor
  • Color LCD display
  • Dual DDS frequency Synthesizers
  • Quadrature Sampling Detector & Exciter
  • Digitally controllable instrumentation amplifiers
  • Morse Code key (the "Giblet" on the bottom right corner of the enclosure)
  • Magnitude & Phase measurement chip (for VNA and antenna analysis functions) with Impedance Bridge
  • Dual SMA connectors, smartphone style earphone/microphone connector, and USB port
  • GPS
  • Built in Microphone and Speaker
  • Internal Lithium Polymer battery with charger and high efficiency switching regulator
  • MicroSD slot
  • Pads for grabbing raw I/Q signals, both in and out.

Things it will be able to do with your help:

I designed the hardware to be capable of the following, but I can't write all the software myself. Please note that I can't guarantee when or if these functions will be added, or that they will work as desired.
  • Work as a full Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)
  • Work as a spectrum analyzer
  • Cover more modes, including digital modes and image modes
  • Work as an emergency location beacon
  • Antenna Analyzer
  • Frequency Synthesizer
  • Media player
  • E Reader / Picture viewer
  • Have improved audio
  • GPS Mapping navigation device
  • High end ARM development board
  • USB control of any features, including the possibility to operate the PSDR remotely. The USB port supports USB On-the-Go, making it possible to connect keyboards or other devices. Firmware updates will also be possible over USB.

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