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Monday, February 9, 2015

IZ1KSW's Italian Mighty Mite (Video)

Hi Bill and Pete,

This is a great day for me!
I just managed to get my MMM oscillating!
This is my very first homebrew project guys and I'm so excited! I started from scratch... and when I say from scratch, I mean that I didn't even have one of the 7 components required, no PCB boards, no junkbox, nothing... just the soldering iron and the will to "build something".
Thanks to Pete suggestions I managed to put some components together and now I have a (small) junkbox (I'm very proud of it) and thanks to soldersmoke I entered the ranks of the homebrewers.
I send you also a couple of pictures, I used Manhattan style and I found it very useful to understand the circuit. It's far from being a clean and neat building but it's a first step.
I'm looking forward for the next one!

73 de

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