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Monday, February 9, 2015

Lucien's German Mighty Mite (Video)

Excellent Lucien!  Thanks for sending this.   I know what you mean about a project that doesn't work.  It is rewarding and educational to figure out where you went wrong.  I knew a guy who would ask, at a hamfest, "Does this rig work?"  If the the seller admitted that it didn't, he'd reply, "Good, I pay extra for that!"   He liked the challenge of fixing it.  Of course, there are limits to this, and sometimes these challenges will make you wish you had taken up stamp collecting. 

Hi Bill and Pete,

For me too, it's a happy day - I got the Mighty Mite working! Thank you so much for the inspiration to get into homebrewing...

I'm just licensed for a year now and this was my very first project (except for 2 basic kits that I build) and it really was a great learning experience. The best part: Since it didn't work out "plug'n play", I had to debug the thing and actually start thinking - so I put 2 caps in parallel instead of the wrong one I had used (I found them in a little box some guys at a hamfest gave me for free - never thought I would ever use something from it...). And I had to use the voltmeter to look for a short circuit. Basic stuff, but for me, this was a breakthrough!

Here are some more things I learned during this first project (don't laugh):
  • Where the heck do I plug stuff that's supposed to go to "ground" in? Now I know: usually to the negative pole!
  • When 2 lines cross in a schematic, that doesn't mean there's a connection!
  • How do these ready-made breadboards actually work? Had to try out...
  • It's important to think about the actual layout beforehand!
  • When debugging, trial and error doesn't help.
  • There's yet another crazy foreign unit called "gauge"! (I used smaller magnet wire than recommended, it still seems to work...)
  • 9V-blocks get VERY hot when shorted for a minute or so!
Attached is an image of my ugly prototype, now I want to give it a better "home"... And here is a little video, demonstrating that it works, inspired by IZ1KSW:

BTW, frequency is about 3,5793 Mhz.

Thanks again for all the great inspiration and vy 73 from Germany,
Lucien / DH7LM

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