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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pete and Ben's "Let's Build Something" Reference Page

Lots of tribal knowledge here!  That's the direct conversion receiver that forms phase 1 of Pete and Ben's "Let's Build Something" project.  Arduinos!  Si5351s!   AD9850s!  And it will morph into an SSB transceiver.  Check it out: 


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  1. Great resource! I find my own superhet project (based on kitsandparts modules) is having a similar problem. I'm getting a 9.035 MHz shortwave station bleeding into the IF amp. (I'm using a 9 MHz IF, since I was able to get some crystal filters). I know it's a mixer problem, but they are pretty simple, and I can't see where I went wrong. Short in the diodes, maybe?
    Anyway, thanks again for the reference material!

    1. Steve: Sometimes a strong station will just jump right into the IF. I had a superhet with a 3.579 IF. I could hear evangelical stations AND W1AW CW. Sometimes things get better when you put the receiver in a metal box and tighten up the shielding.

      73 Bill

    2. Bill, I thought that as well, but when poking at the mixer board, there was a change. Unfortunately, it's not repeatable, so I cannot find a specific device to repair/replace. I replaced the surface mount quad diode array, and it seemed better for a time, but then went wonky again. I hate intermittent problems...
      Also, I hope it is not just a shielding issue; 100KW right on my IF is going to be a tough nut to crack.


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