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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Gregory Charvat HAS THE KNACK

Gregory Charvat N8ZRY

Yesterday I was talking to Allen W5SQK on 17.  He mentioned that he been working in his shop. You don't hear that too often these days, so naturally I asked what he was working on.  Turns out that OM Allen is building a coffee can radar!   He is enrolled in the MIT Lincoln Lab's Open Courseware Project (which looks very cool).  We had a great QSO, sharing tales of woe about the release of magic smoke from (dis)integrated circuits.  These are the things that pull us together my friends!
On the MIT page the name of a faculty member caught my eye: Dr. Gregory Charvat N8ZRY. Greg's rigs have been discussed on this blog at least twice, but it wasn't until today that I became aware of his many other interesting technical activities.  

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  1. Here is an excellent podcast interview with Dr. Charvat.
    Very interesting...



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