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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Nightmare Turns Real: "Rig Here is a Raspberry Pi OM, and I'm listening to you with my Dongle..."

As with many other nightmarish things, this one was launched at the world on Halloween. It all seems a bit flaky, but we knew this was coming.  Don't complain to me about the lack of low-pass filters, SSB testing on 7.000 MHz,  or the rather nebulous identity of the creator.... I'm just the messenger here.  And remember that I am a HARDWARE Defined Radio,  Discrete Component,  "Menus are for Restaurants" and (now) "Pi's are for eating" kind of ham. 
Here it is:


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  2. Possibly the start of another cycle of development in the hobby if the output can be cleaned up to standards. Look forward to seeing more about this


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