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Saturday, November 21, 2015

SolderSmoke Podcast 182: Bears! MMM Update, On Pete's Bench, 160 AM Dreams, MAILBAG

N6QW Selfie
SolderSmoke Podcast #182 is available

Travelogue:  In Shenandoah with BEARS!

Michigan Mighty Mite Update and a Generous Offer (with conditions).

-- Pete's Ten Tec Conversion using LTSpice
-- Pete's Simple-ceiver
-- My CB to 10 conversion plans

DREAMS OF 160 METER AM:   KB3SII, N2CQR, N6QW Building for Top Band

Raspberry Pi Nightmares

Homebrew to Homebrew (HB2HB) Contacts

Elser Mathes Cup -- We have some competition!

QST, "The Radio Art,"  and The Channelization of HF Bands

WA5BDU Nick Kennedy on QSO Today  Podcast

Ed Walker of "The Big Broadcast" was a ham:  N3HFT

MAILBAG:  A Letter from Turkey: Tubes and R-390s
Si5351:  G4GXO says give it a go!


  1. Hi Bill
    I listened to 182 with great interest (as always). I was particularly taken with your item on bears and the Appalachian Trail as I have wanted to walk it for years. I never will now but it fascinates me.
    You mentioned Bill Bryson's book but I can highly recommend Dennis Blanchard K1YPP's "Three Hundred Zeroes" It logs his transit of the AT with his QRP/P rig. A great read.

    Gareth, M5KVK

  2. I've made a few digital contacts on 160 using my 80M dipole. I too am looking at an antenna for top band, and selected the wireless dog fence wire as a reasonable cost solution for a few thousand feet of wire.

    Also, what happened to the blog layout? I much prefer the ability to see a few posts on a page, not the current one per page.



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