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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Listen to my BITX17 Signal as Heard in France

I was talking to Alan F5LIW on 17 meters yesterday and he was kind enough to record a bit of my transmission and then e-mail it to me.  So here is what my BITX 17 sounded like in Dijon, France. I had the BITX17 going into the CCI EB63A amplifier running at about 100 watts into my Moxon antenna.  Thanks Alan! 



  1. You sound as good on your Bitx17 as any store bought rig I've heard.
    Tom, ak2b

  2. Hi Bill,

    Absolutely terrific!! Sounds just like you and crystal clear audio. I think Tom AK2B said it best -- you would not know it was a homebrew radio. This proves the converse --homebrew radios are ready for prime time!!!

    Pete N6QW


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