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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Listening UP for KIC 846

How's SETI's investigation of peculiar star KIC 846 2852 going? @EricCMack checks in https://t.co/4roQ7nbDk9

Since October 16, the SETI institute has been using its Allen Telescope Array to observe KIC 846 2852 over a wide range of radio frequencies (1 to 10 GHz), looking for any artificial signals. Keep in mind that this star system is relatively far, roughly 1400 light-years away. That's more distant than the Orion Nebula, and getting there (if you feel the need) would require a 23 million year ride in our fastest rocket. But more to the point, any signals detectable here on Earth would have to be exceptionally powerful.
We're continuing to analyze the data. In another week, our SETI team will once again observe KIC 846 2852 using some new receivers being affixed to the Allen Array - known as Antonio feeds - that will increase the sensitivity by a factor of two. Check this space.
Meanwhile, consider KIC 846 2852 as something suggestive of cosmic company, but no more than a suggestion.

1 comment:

  1. ...affixed to the Allen Array - known as Antonio feeds
    I think some wasn't paying attention...should read..
    ...affixed to the Allen Array - known as Altoid Tins
    :) My tuppence worth and I'm sticking with it.


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