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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Great "QSO Today" Interview with H.P. Friedrichs AC7ZL -- "My nature is to build."

Eric 4Z1UG has a really wonderful interview with H.P. "Pete" Friedrichs AC7ZL.   Pete is the author of "The Voice of the Crystal" and "Instruments of Amplification."

I sat in the shack this morning with a cup of coffee, mesmerized by the things Pete was saying.  I actually took notes.  Some highlights:

-- In describing his zeal to avoid the use of store-bought components, Pete acknowledged that there are limits to this.  But then he revealed that his limits are different than those of even the most fundamentalist of homebrew fundamentalists:  "Well, I'm not going to mine my own copper."  Don't worry Pete -- no one will call you an appliance operator if you use store bought wire.  

-- On the same subject, when describing his homebrew diodes for crystal radios, Eric asked Pete why he didn't just go out and buy a Germanium Diode.  "That would be cheating," replied Pete.  Indeed.

-- "Obsolete technology often gets short shrift."

--"My nature is to build."

Check out the podcast here:


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