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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Putting Junk Mail to Excellent Use: Tony G4WIF's Proto-boards

Tony's Version of Audio Section of N6QW's LBS Receiver

Tony Fishpool, G4WIF writes:

I’ve been intrigued by Pete’s matrix pad method. Of course, few of us have the machinery to mill them as Pete does, but etching is a possibility. Now some of Pete’s boards clearly have a lot of noodling behind them. His boards are quite big with little areas of pads and space between. The layout for the whole project has clearly been considered in advance.

I wanted a board that I could make modular, take little time to etch and adapt for the circumstances. These “proto-boards” are the result.

The project is Farhan’s “sweeperino” and one board is for the Si570, and the other the AD8307.

The Si570 board is now complete and working:

The PCB method is pure Chuck Adams. His videos on YouTube describe the toner transfer method better than I could.

The only difference for me is that my glossy paper comes free from travel agent brochures.

Just express a passing interest in Viking River Cruises and you will never pay for PCB paper ever again!

There is a free printing only version of the software I use, so if SolderSmoke listeners want to use the proto-board design, I will happily email them the files.

Kind regards
Tony G4WIF


  1. The thought of a longboat full of Vikings getting merry on a river cruise always amuses me. Like the boards Tony. See if you can put them on a dropbox or some other public access area.

  2. Tony, Could you email me the files?


  3. Dear "Anonymous". I'll work up a web page for the proto boards and post a link here. Certainly there is lots of merriment going on with these cruises and we've done several. So really, I have paid quite a lot toward this free glossy paper!

    The top photo, in case anyone is curious, is the audio section of Pete's LBS receiver. It works pretty well.

    Kind regards
    Tony G4WIF

  4. The files are here:
    Tony G4WIF


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