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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Listening to New Zealand on the Barbados RX via the Gray Line (40 meter CW)

For the last couple of mornings you have been coming in quite strong on 40 meters around dawn here.    Attached is a short video from today.  I am listening with a homebrew superhet receiver:
73  Bill N2CQR

Hi Bill,
Thanks for sending the video clip.
It’s really made my day!
I’ve sometimes wonder what I sound like at DX now I know.
The IC7410 sounds quite respectable and the sending is reasonably decipherable.
Interesting about the receiver.
The signal seems to stand out well from the noise.
Really well done. But then that’s what ham radio is all about.
We all enjoy radio and  we all like to enjoy the various aspects to the hobby.
Modes, antennas ,QRP whatever.
It’s great fun.
It would be good to have a QSO. perhaps some time soon?

Thanks again,

Very Best 73,
 John ZL1ALA

1 comment:

  1. Another Kiwi, thanking you Bill for the clip. I too have wondered what signals from Godzone sounded like in your neck of the woods. FB the Rx too!


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