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Saturday, July 2, 2016

SolderSmoke Podcast #188: Blue Rig, 6U8 RX, Dial strings, Hamfest, VFO Builds, MAILBAG

SolderSmoke Podcast #188 is available.


Audio "sparkle"

Bench Reports:
Pete: Blue Rig, Amplifier Project, LBS and Simpleceivers around the world
Si5351s in the new Elecraft KX2

Mighty Midget Mate 6U8 RX Refinement
Using a Millen 61455 IF can
Broad, but beautiful. But not as nice as PA3GSV's
Tweaking a VFO the old fashioned way
Reduction Drive Re-works.
A Confession:  Using Amplified Computer Speakers

Back to the lipsticked pig.  Pete convinces Bill to fix the S38-E
dial cord. 

Manassas Hamfest Report.

Field Day.


Who is WV2YAU

Who sold Bill the hombrew SWR meter at Manassas?



  1. Bill, I did a QRP project a few years ago with a reduction drive. As you must find out when you open up a 20 year old project - I was amazed at the job. Can send you a photograph for the blog.

  2. Bill:

    Regarding LC meters, thought I'd share my recent experience with the LC100-A. I purchased one of these units for ~$20 two years ago and think there are great, especially for the price. However, I smoked the unit by connecting a 12v supply into the 5v barrel connector. Mt stupid error, of course, which led me to label all coaxial power connectors on the bench with dymo tape with voltages.

    eBay has any number of sellers of the LC100-A; however, beware of the cheaper "new" version that costs less and works poorly (in my experience with one unit). The "older" unit that has the four push buttons to the left of the test leads is the one to get. That said, I ordered an "older version" (checked the photo to confirm) and received a "new version". The new version does not reliably zero calibrate or hold readings over time. I tossed it and asked for a refund, which the seller kindly agreed to do. nyplatform in Flushing, NY sold me an "old version" $29 with free shipping. Well worth it. I wouldn't wind a toroid without one of these meters having become accustomed to knowing the value of the coil before testing in the circuit. No doubt other sellers have the "old version". They are worth the extra cost.

    Keep up the good work.



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