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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Farhan gives me a Spectrum Analyzer and W2AEW Provides the Tutorial (Video)

At Dayton, Farhan very kindly bought me a Tektronix Spectrum Analyzer.  (I joked during his visit that this device might help me stay in the good graces of the FCC.)   This morning I decided to learn more about this device.   I Googled "Tek 1401A" and was immediately directed to a YouTube tutorial.  I was pleased to see that it was from our old friend Alan Wolke W2AEW.  I knew that the Tek analyzer and I were in good hands. TRGHS.  Alan expertly laid out the functions of the device.  I am confident that I will soon be analyzing the spectrum of my homebrew rigs, and that they will all be found COMPLETELY FREE of spurious emissions.

Alan's tutorial is instructive for all those getting started with spectrum analyzers. 

I need to find a manual and schematic for the 1410A.

Thanks Farhan.   Thanks Alan.   And three cheers for Beaverton, Oregon!


  1. manual here:-

  2. "Farhan very kindly bought me a Tektronix Spectrum Analyzer"
    Is this another one of those April Fools things?

  3. glad my video was of help!


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