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Friday, May 5, 2017

Rocket Key-Chain Camera Video!

This project started almost 5 years ago when Billy, his friend Ben and I built a nice BIG Estes Model Rocket that Elisa had bought me for my birthday.  Here is the original post about this:

Building the thing was no problem, but finding a place to launch it was.  Model rocket launches are prohibited inside the Washington DC beltway, and when you get outside the beltway it is hard to find a suitable open field. Out rocket camera sat in a box.  We said "someday" for five years.

Yesterday I was going out to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia picking up Billy after the completion of his freshman year in college.  I decided that yesterday would be the day.  I used Google Maps to look for places with a big open field near the highway.  I recharged the key chain camera.

At the first of my possible launch sites we found lots of fields, but also lots of fences, and cows and horses who might not like our noisy rocket.  We were about to give up hope when I spotted a farmer at work.  I explained the situation to Randy.  He agreed to let us launch, but wanted us to do it from his nearby house so that his family could watch.  This was very nice of them.

After one failed attempt, WHOOOSH!  That D12-3 engine really pushed that thing up there!  The family loved it.   It was  great.  The parachute deployed perfectly.  Billy would run across the field to retrieve the rocket (you can see him running up to get it in one of the attached videos).  When we got home I was amazed to find that the little camera had worked perfectly on all three launches. 

The Waters Edge Rocket Research Society would be so proud of us.  VIVA LA WERRS! VIVA!


  1. I didn't hear it so I'll say it: OOOHH, that's awesome !

    Takes me back to the late 1960s when we used to launch (and lose) those Estes beauties

  2. Billy! I WONDERED who that lanky guy was running up. This inspires us to follow suit this summer when we launch with Cub Scouts. We shall meet the challenge! (GREAT launch, buddy.) Jonathan W0XO and Oscar

  3. Hi Bill... Last night, I listened to podcast about the May 2017 rocket launch. So, you guessed it... I had to watch the video. I'm glad I did. For that brief moment in time, I WAS Ham!!!


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