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Monday, May 29, 2017

Indonesian BITX: Check out the BRITX

Pretty cool,  don't you think?

Here is the Google translation of the "about" portion of OM Dian Kurniawan's blog:

Electronics is something very interesting. In it are stored many miracles of His creation. The almost limitless opportunities for creativity make electronics an art medium. Countless things are ultimately made easy and possible with electronics.... Feel free to start. Life starts from a cell. Let's keep working for a better life. Salam.

It is obvious that OM Dian has THE KNACK and is a member of the International Brotherhood of Electronic Wizards.   Does anyone know his callsign?

There is a lot of very cool stuff on his blog, including some mind-blowing applications of small, color displays.  Check it all out:


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  2. Bill, these are Ebay kits, they do come out of Indonesia, though I am not sure who the designer is.


  3. Very interesting projects, but fully commercial.
    I Do not feel the soldersmoke :-(

  4. The same radio is sold here, mostly assembled, with a case:-



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