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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Farhan Visits SolderSmoke Headquarters

Wow, today was an important day in the history of SolderSmoke.  Our friend -- and newly minted member of the QRP Hall of Fame -- Ashhar Farhan VU2ESE came to see us.  We had a great time.  I showed him all the many devices that I built based on his designs. 

We shot a video of the shack visit. I will post it to YouTube in a few days.

Thanks for coming to see us Farhan.  And congratulations on the richly deserved Hall of Fame Induction.


  1. Momentous day in history to be sure!

    And congratulations to you as well Bill. Very deserving.

  2. Great joy all 'round! 73 both

  3. Congratulations and what joy to have VU2ESE visit SS HQ. But no more QRO, for you. QRP only!

    Pete N6QW

  4. Did you get Farhan to sign a copy of the Bitx original schematic?

  5. Lets home we will see a lot more soldersmoke videos in future!

  6. QRP royalty in the house! Too bad you didn't have time to record a SS podcast too!

  7. Bill, I got to see and hear Farhan's FDIM Banquet address last Saturday evening. It was very informative to hear Farhan explain step by step how he realized he needed another piece of test equipment to help him be able to measure parameters and not just guess, so that he could then move on to his next design and build goal. I admire Farhan's entire journey and contribution to the radio arts. Congrats to Farhan's induction and also to your induction into the QRP Hall of Fame!


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