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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Homebrew History is Made: Farhan @ W7ZOI

Thanks to Wes W7ZOI for sending me the link to his page describing the visit of our friend Farhan.  I think this visit was a historic gathering of homebrew heroes and their groundbreaking rigs. Read all about it here:  http://w7zoi.net/Farhan-visit.html

Please help me convince Farhan to visit SolderSmoke HQ before returning to India!   Send him (or me) e-mails, texts, tweets, or just post messages of support below this post.   


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  2. I hope Farhan will take advantage of this great opportunity to visit the SolderSmoke World Headquarters and International Podcast Studios. I'd love to see a picture of Farhan sitting behind the renowned SolderSmoke microphone!!!

    73 Steve N8NM

  3. Wait - those rigs in the picture, are they Juliano Blue?

  4. What a great event and report. Hope Farhan does make it to SSWHQ and IPS. A quick live interview would also be FB.

  5. Farhan has made an appearance at Four Days in May at Dayton this year!

  6. Could also autograph the bitx schematic. That would be worth framing for the shack wall!

  7. Farhan is giving the FDIM banquet speech right now. Topic is the history of the BITX.

  8. Farhan has been inducted into the QRP Hall of Fame!

  9. I knew at the time that Mr. Soldersmoke had also been inducted, but since he wasn't present, and I didn't know if he had been 'officially' informed yet, I didn't think it my place to break the news on the blog.

    A belated congratulations to both recipients!

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  11. From what I understand he has visited you by now. Very cool. Regarding the qrp hall of fame, its as if there excommunicating Pete, as if its a religion. Hate to tell you QRPrs but, It isn't a religion, and if you expel Pete, he will still go to heaven. I've spoken with the pope, and he assures me of this. That's in a conversation with the Pope on 20 meters and he was using a gallon.

    That said, I must say, the push for everything home brew to be QRP is a new fad. Folks have homebrewed amplifiers for a long time. And, perhaps we should be paying attention to a Homebrew Hall of Fame, not a QRP hall of fame. Is there one of those ? N6GRG in Cali

  12. Another thing heard on your SM195 show was the history of SB but you didn't talk about why lower below 10mhz and upper above 10mhz, which of course is a "guideline", not a rule. Was explained by this guy really well: K2KLI, Jul 21, 2009

    Ham Member
    QRZ Page

    The standard operating practice for SSB is, as 'KLI says, to use LSB below 10 MHz, and USB above 10 MHz. This is not a regulation, nothing forbids you from using the "other" sideband, but then who would you talk to?

    The convention is, so I've heard, largely historical, based on the design of an early SSB rig. The IF was 9 MHz, which is 5 MHz below the bottom of 20 meters and 5 MHz above the top of 80 meters. When mixed with a 5-5.5 MHz VFO, the sum frequency was at 14.0-14.5 MHz, which covered 20 meters, and the difference frequency was at 4.0-3.5 MHz, which covered 80 meters.

    I wrote the 80 meter frequency range backward to indicate that with this approach the higher the VFO frequency, the lower the mixer output frequency. This also meant that if you started with an upper sideband signal on 9 MHz, you still had a USB signal on 20, but an LSB signal on 80, and thus the convention was born.

    Now, with the digital modes, all bets are off. I've heard old RTTY ops say that RTTY is LSB everywhere, and new PSK ops say that PSK is USB everywhere, and that if things don't work to just use the software "invert" switch. I'll leave it to someone else to enlighten us on that part.

    AB1GA, Jul 21, 2009

    1. I do have one of those very early ssb rigs, the swan ss-200 , which was amazingly a 5 watt rig with a 200 watt linear on the back. 5 band rig. That same QRZ blog claims Swan was the firt to put out a 5 ban superhetrodyne rig ..


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