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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Built-in Spectrum Analyzer in Hans Summers' QSX Rig.

I agree completely with the e-mojis.   Wow!  Cool!  I love it! 

Hans Summers is a genius. 

This is almost enough to make me get with the program and embrace SDR.  

Hans has done what seemed to have been impossible: true homebrew with SDR. 


  1. Hi Bill, true homebrew with SDR is quite possible, I've covered my experience on my blog - g0fcu.com - and Charlie Morris has done similar on his YouTube postings as have many others. True, it does require some programming skills but coming at it as a professional IT guy I am happier with this as it complements my amateur electronics skills.

    I'll still be buying a QSX though!

    73 Simon

  2. Hope Hans has recovered from his recent illness. We are all eagerly awaiting the QSX and as soon as release is announced I'm sure there will be a flood of purchases. Can't wait for the QSX worldwide net.


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