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Sunday, December 2, 2018

DON'T BUILD IT! Sage Advice from Pete N6QW: Why You Should NOT Build an SSB Transceiver

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Be sure to read the comments.  Especially my comment. And Pete's response. 



  1. All heartily seconded! Even here 'Up over', and systemically impoverished (sole active rig FT-470 on local repeater) ... ex-active and 'champ' builder,

  2. From reading the (very) active uBitX group at groups.io, it just consumes every moment in adding 'features'.
    I built mine just pretty basic. Oh, I added a switch for low and 'high' power (1 battery for everything Vs 2x batteries to the Finals), but some folks want to build a neo-Icom 7600.

  3. Off topic but has anyone heard from Duwayne. Last posting in october?



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