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Thursday, December 27, 2018

W7RLF Homebrews a Receiver -- FB!

Ryan W7RLF has joined the small and elite group of radio amateurs who have homebrewed a receiver.  And it is a receiver filled with soul, juju and mojo; the project was inspired by Wes Hayward and Farhan, and used components from Hans Summers.   Congratulations Ryan and thanks for all the work you did in documenting your experience. 

Who will be the next intrepid ham to join the homebrew receiver club? 

Hello Sirs!

This month I read Wes Hayward's post on the history and heritage of DC receivers in ham radio and it brought a lingering interest to a head. I had to build one. I run the BITX40 and uBITX group on Facebook, and I posted to the other hams there: Which DC receiver should I build? Farhan recommended his DC40. Mind you, I've never homebrewed a radio before, so this is all new territory for me. 

I did build it, and it does work. It also uses QRP Labs stuff from our friend Hans Summers. This thing has a lot of QRP heritage :) I documented it every step of the way including all of my dumb moves and things I got wrong, and my desire is to inspire others to try homebrewing the way Wes, Farhan, Hans, and you YOU GUYS have inspired me to try it. I am hooked, of course! Here's a link to my blog to Part 1:

It's a four part series (unofficially 5 really) with 8000 words to it, and I hope you guys enjoy it and I'd be ticked pink if was worthy of mention on your show. Here's a video of it too:

73 to you both and I wish you the best!

Ryan Flowers W7RLF


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  2. I followed the posts of Ryan first steps in receiver homebrewing. Love that he added the retrospective and the error log. Gives good insides of things to think of. Big thumbs up.


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